The Python Book

Digest of infoworld article

  • Beautiful Soup: Processing parse trees -- XML, HTML, or similarly structured data
  • Pillow: image processin g(following to PIL)
  • Gooey: turn a console-based Python program into one that sports a platform-native GUI.
  • Peewee: a tiny ORM that supports SQLite, MySQL, and PostgreSQL, with many extensions.
  • Scrapy: screen scraping and Web crawling.
  • Apache Libcloud: accessing multiple cloud providers through a single, consistent, and unified API.
  • Pygame: a framework for creating video games in Python.
  • Pathlib: handling filesystem paths in a consistent and cross-platform way, courtesy of a module that is now an integral part of Python.
  • NumPy: scientific computing and mathematical work, including statistics, linear algebra, matrix math, financial operations, and tons more.
  • Sh: calling any external program, in a subprocess, and returning the results to a Python program -- but with the same syntax as if the program in question were a native Python function.
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