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Turn a dataframe into sql statements

The easiest way is to go via sqlite!

eg. the two dataframes udf and tdf.

import sqlite3
udf.to_sql(name='t_user', con=con, index=False)
tdf.to_sql(name='t_transaction', con=con, index=False)

Then on the command line:

sqlite3 txdb.sqlite .dump > create.sql 

This is the created create.sql script:

PRAGMA foreign_keys=OFF;

CREATE TABLE "t_user" (
"uid" INTEGER,
  "name" TEXT
INSERT INTO "t_user" VALUES(9000,'Gerd Abrahamsson');
INSERT INTO "t_user" VALUES(9001,'Hanna Andersson');
INSERT INTO "t_user" VALUES(9002,'August Bergsten');
INSERT INTO "t_user" VALUES(9003,'Arvid Bohlin');
INSERT INTO "t_user" VALUES(9004,'Edvard Marklund');
INSERT INTO "t_user" VALUES(9005,'Ragnhild Brännström');
INSERT INTO "t_user" VALUES(9006,'Börje Wallin');
INSERT INTO "t_user" VALUES(9007,'Otto Byström');
INSERT INTO "t_user" VALUES(9008,'Elise Dahlström');

CREATE TABLE "t_transaction" (
"xid" INTEGER,
  "uid" INTEGER,
  "amount" INTEGER,
  "date" TEXT
INSERT INTO "t_transaction" VALUES(5000,9008,498,'2016-02-21 06:28:49');
INSERT INTO "t_transaction" VALUES(5001,9003,268,'2016-01-17 13:37:38');
INSERT INTO "t_transaction" VALUES(5002,9003,621,'2016-02-24 15:36:53');
INSERT INTO "t_transaction" VALUES(5003,9007,-401,'2016-01-14 16:43:27');
INSERT INTO "t_transaction" VALUES(5004,9004,720,'2016-05-14 16:29:54');
INSERT INTO "t_transaction" VALUES(5005,9007,-492,'2016-02-24 23:58:57');
INSERT INTO "t_transaction" VALUES(5006,9002,-153,'2016-02-18 17:58:33');
INSERT INTO "t_transaction" VALUES(5007,9008,272,'2016-05-26 12:00:00');
INSERT INTO "t_transaction" VALUES(5008,9005,-250,'2016-02-24 23:14:52');
INSERT INTO "t_transaction" VALUES(5009,9008,82,'2016-04-20 18:33:25');
INSERT INTO "t_transaction" VALUES(5010,9006,549,'2016-02-16 14:37:25');
INSERT INTO "t_transaction" VALUES(5011,9008,-571,'2016-02-28 13:05:33');
INSERT INTO "t_transaction" VALUES(5012,9008,814,'2016-03-20 13:29:11');
INSERT INTO "t_transaction" VALUES(5013,9005,-114,'2016-02-06 14:55:10');
INSERT INTO "t_transaction" VALUES(5014,9005,819,'2016-01-18 10:50:20');
INSERT INTO "t_transaction" VALUES(5015,9001,-404,'2016-02-20 22:08:23');
INSERT INTO "t_transaction" VALUES(5016,9000,-95,'2016-05-09 10:26:05');
INSERT INTO "t_transaction" VALUES(5017,9003,428,'2016-03-27 15:30:47');
INSERT INTO "t_transaction" VALUES(5018,9002,-549,'2016-04-15 21:44:49');
INSERT INTO "t_transaction" VALUES(5019,9001,-462,'2016-03-09 20:32:35');
INSERT INTO "t_transaction" VALUES(5020,9004,-339,'2016-05-03 17:11:21');

The script doesn't create the indexes (because of Index='False'), so here are the statements:

CREATE INDEX "ix_t_user_uid" ON "t_user" ("uid");
CREATE INDEX "ix_t_transaction_xid" ON "t_transaction" ("xid");

Or better: create primary keys on those tables!

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