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You have a development Spark Cluster, running on 4 Xen virtual images (named nk01, nk02.. ) on one and the same dom0 host (nk00) :

You want to write a Scala Spark job that you submit on the cluster, while monitoring the load to see that all 4 nodes are pulling their weight!

This article shows:

  • how to package a Scala Spark job using sbt and submit it on the cluster
  • how to monitor the load on the nodes of your Xen virtual systems, using a 'shoestring-budget' monitoring method
  • how to use R for visualization

Software used:

  • spark-1.6.0 for hadoop
  • hadoop-2.7.1 (hdfs/yarn)
  • R version 3.2.4
  • xentop on dom0.
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