Frequently asked questions

Why name it 'aardvark' ?

The first proper word on page one in the dictionary is important! That's one aspect of what aardvark is about: putting first what's most important. Also: it will show up as one of the first files when doing 'ls -l' ...

What is a filename that starts with a hash?

It's a key, and its content will not be written to file, but stored in a tag-dictionary. See the sqlite example.

What is this [[$sql]] notation ?

In your code you can pull in the text of previously stored tags. See previous question and also the sqlite example.

What is the difference between aardvark, aardvark.code and aardvark.sh ?

  • aardvark is the utility that does the splitting
  • aardvark.code is your file containing R, python, java, scala, ... code
  • aardvark.sh is the script that is executed by aardvark after splitting the aardvark.code file. Best include aardvark.sh as code in your aardvark.code file.
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